UniCorn is a theoretical N-glycan structure database built from a library of 50 human glycosyltransferases. Enzyme specificities were sourced from major databases including Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) Glycan, Consortium for Functional Glycomics (CFG), Carbohydrate-Active enZymes (CAZy), GlycoGene DataBase (GGDB) and BRENDA. Based on the known activities, a parameter-free model of glycosylation is used to generate a library of theoretically possible N-glycans. UniCorn also aims to provide an effective curation and quality-checking tool of newly discovered curated glycan structures populating UniCarbKB.

Composition and IUPAC Search

IUPAC search will before a partial match against the database only

New Sub(structure) Search

Accession Number Structure Average Mass Mono. Mass
UCORN40347 876.82 876.32
UCORN40348 876.82 876.32
UCORN40350 876.82 876.32
UCORN40351 714.68 714.27
UCORN40352 714.68 714.27
UCORN40353 876.82 876.32
UCORN40354 876.82 876.32
UCORN40355 876.82 876.32
UCORN40356 876.82 876.32
UCORN40357 876.82 876.32