Publications in Curation Pipeline

The below publications are in the validation pipeline. Not all checks have been completed but the data can be viewed.
Title Year Authors Journal
Site-specific N-glycosylation analysis of human immunoglobulin E. 2014 Plomp R, Hensbergen PJ, Rombouts Y, Zauner G, Dragan I, Koeleman CA, Deelder AM, Wuhrer M J Proteome Res
Site-specific N-glycosylation analysis of human factor XI: Identification of a noncanonical NXC glycosite 2014 Faid V, Denguir N, Chapuis V, Bihoreau N, Chevreux G Proteomics
Site-specific N-glycan characterization of human complement factor H. 2007 Fenaille F, Le Mignon M, Groseil C, Ramon C, Riand� S, Siret L, Bihoreau N. Glycobiology
Site-specific glycan microheterogeneity of inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain H4 2014 Chandler KB, Brnakova Z, Sanda M, Wang S, Stalnaker SH, Bridger R, Zhao P, Wells L, Edwards NJ, Goldman R. J Proteome Res
Site-specific characterization of cell membrane N-glycosylation with integrated hydrophilic interaction chromatography solid phase extraction and LC-MS/MS 2014 Chen R, Seebun D, Ye M, Zou H, Figeys D Journal of Proteomics
Site-specific analysis of the O-glycosylation of bovine fetuin by electron-transfer dissociation mass spectrometry 2014 Windwarder M, Altmann F J Am Soc Mass Spectrom
Mass spectrometric determination of IgG subclass-specific glycosylation profiles in siblings discordant for myositis syndromes 2011 Perdivara I, Peddada SD, Miller FW, Tomer KB, Deterding LJ J Proteome Res
In-depth analysis of site-specific N-glycosylation in vitronectin from human plasma by tandem mass spectrometry with immunoprecipitation 2014 Hwang H, Lee JY, Lee HK, Park GW, Jeong HK, Moon MH, Kim JY, Yoo JS. Anal Bioanal Chem
Glycoproteomics: Identifying the Glycosylation of Prostate Specific Antigen at Normal and High Isoelectric Points by LC-MS/MS 2014 Song E, Mayampurath A, Yu CY, Tang H, Mechref Y J Proteome Res
Expression and glycoengineering of functionally active heteromultimeric IgM in plants 2014 Loos A, Gruber C, Altmann F, Mehofer U, Hensel F, Grandits M, Oostenbrink C, Stadlmayr G, Furtmüller PG, Steinkellner H Proc Natl Acad Sci USA